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Nasfa Ncanywa

I am an interdisciplinary artist working in film, theatre, and visual art.  My work investigates the state of black personhoods in post-apartheid and the effects of a colonial past, looking specifically at the future of a black child in the Township, rural areas, and CBD. 


My work is committed to researching how black people lived and saw themselves pre-colonialization, with a focus on the African female perspective and their role within the African traditions. 


I am the co-founder of Intsebenzo which means the workspace/the work itself and a collaborator at Unako; these are both maker’s spaces that are informed by creating from African resources and challenging how those materials exist in technological ways of showcasing work. 


Influenced by embarking on the journey of my own calling, I treat the process of creating as a cleansing space in the way that African traditional healers do. My curiosities include staging theatre works in the round, and how that composition may reveal knowledge about African intimacies, ways of approaching certain spaces in the African culture, specifically isiXhosa traditions; and how black women are treated and exist in those spaces.  


My work is a spiritual journey and when I create I move in between the spiritual world of my black ancestors, particularly my mother. I am currently researching what it means to be birthed in this world,  how the new generation of black people connect/disconnect with their roots based on how they navigate and behave in different spaces. My work is invested in looking at what is possible for the future of a black child

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