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No Easter Sunday for Queers

Author: Koleka Putuma

Published by: Manyano Media


NO EASTER SUNDAY FOR QUEERS follows the (hate) (crime) (murder) love story of Napo and Mimi. The lovers, through the (spirit,) (subconscious,)Easter Sunday sermon, return on the anniversary of their (wedding) death (crucifixion) to make the (church) (pastor) (perpetrator) Father (reconcile) reckon with the present and the past and a (sacrifice) crucifixion he must account for. The altar is a cross and the subconscious a courtroom where the dead seek justice for a (an act) sin committed by their perpetrators. The (antagonist) protagonists cannot (any more) tell the past from the present and scripture from the truth. Every year, (through the visitations) on Easter Sunday the (pastor and his) church is made to remember.

First edition, first printing, March 2020, Junkets

Second edition published: April 2019

44 pages

200mm x 130mm x 6mm

ISBN: 978-0-620-93135-9


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