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The Poetry Minute | the land of milk & honey

Created by:

Manyano Media

In Collaboration The Centre for The Less Good Idea

and With Love The Agency

Text By:

Koleka Putuma

Illustration and Animation by:

Thabang Lehobye

Music by:

Clem Carr


Here, the text meets music and visual art to hold both memory and contemporary experiences which are etched deeply in many a South African’s narrative. There are nostalgic echoes of absence, waiting and loss; with a subtle thread celebrating the power of women who stand through it all.

“The poem is an ode to women who know too intimately the ritual of waiting, of raising children in the absence of fathers, women who will men into existence from all the places they go missing. We live in a country where television shows that specialise in looking for men / fathers who do not want to be found are not only produced, but popular. And that tells us a lot.” - Koleka Putuma.

The Poetry Minute is a short film series, curated by Bongile Gorata Lecoge-Zulu, and commissioned by The Centre For The Less Good Idea.


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