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“Unleash the Sounds” Spotify Premium Campaign

Caption: Dancer, Chelsea Samuels

Created by:

Spotify South Africa, in collaboration with TBWA Hunt Lascaris, Bioscope Films, Pressure Cooker Studios and Koleka Putuma

Written and Performed by:

Koleka Putuma


Produced by Bioscope Films, “Unleash” is a love letter to this diversity – to the movement, the music, the soul of South Africa.

Pressure Cooker in collaboration with Bioscope Films’ Fausto Becatti, TBWA\Hunt Lascaris and South African poet Koleka Putuma, create an iconic piece of advertising that celebrates South Africa’s diversity within music and within our people.

Becatti’s striking visuals are coupled with a driving custom track by Pressure Cooker Studios’ Keith Kavayi and powerful text written and overlaid by Koleka Putuma, who traces the evolution of music through juxtapositions of contrasting and harmonious styles, from house, to hip hop, maskandi, amapiano, rock and gospel.


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