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Robyn-Lee Pretorius headshot.jpg
Robyn-Lee Pretorius

Robyn-Lee Pretorius is the resident cultural producer, artist and project manager at Manyano Media. After more than a decade of experience in the creative sector, harnessing creativity in the production of culture, she Founded With Love The Agency (WLTA) in 2020, an agency that collaborates with artists and organisations to produce creative and cultural projects and events, and offers arts administration, publishing and management services. 


At WLTA, we hold reverence for both the artists’ process and the project’s overall goals and mission to produce the best possible outcomes. We represent Artists and organisations in Theatre, Literature, Music, Dance, Fine Art, Film, and multidisciplinary practices.


Through her partnership with Manyano Media, Robyn has worked on numerous local and international projects. Her clients include Foundation for Human Rights, Spotify, UN Global, Wellcome, Manyano Media and more. 

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