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Manyano Media produces literary and media-based works for syndication in publishing, film, advertising, television, and theatre. Our books have won major South African and African book awards and produced print publications that have sold over 10,000 copies and have been translated into 8 languages. 


We are an independent media house that publishes anthologies, chapbooks, zines, and texts in various multimedia domains. We invest significant time and care in the editorial process and explore how we can take risks with our collaborators while still prioritizing and honouring the story. We are interested in partnering with our collaborators to reimagine new African narratives, scholarships, and performances. We believe in stretching the possibilities of what is published and how it is published, we aim to exceed the literal and figurative constraints of publishing and archiving to ask where else can text and performance live, and how else can we reach audiences and readers. 


We center collaboration, experimentation, and play in our work. We work closely with our collaborators and partners to develop high-quality print and digital books and manage the publishing process from concept development to final publication and distribution. Our services also include producing works for theatre and film, writing copies for advertising, and producing screenings, readings, workshops, and more. 


We are invested in continuously exploring new and alternative archiving practices that bring new voices to essential conversations, make published and unpublished texts/works by black queer storytellers accessible and visible. We think of the archive as a profound keeper of history, stories, knowledge, ideas, traditions, and imagination. At the heart of Manyano Media’s practice is the desire to create and archive new cultural artefacts that will create and shape alternative futures, and shift the representation of black, queer, women’s narratives across various modes of storytelling. 


If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us, please contact us. 

Published by Manyano Media

To read more about the books published by Manyano Media, visit our Library.

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